Permabond India & Middle East

Electric Motors

Fast curing, high performance toughened adhesives for magnet bonding and other motor applications.

Permabond has an extensive range of adhesives for use in electric motor applications. This specialist market requires high performance adhesives that can withstand impact testing, thermal shock, vibration, and extremes of temperature. Permabond’s anaerobic adhesive can be used to mount bearings and bushings to rotors or shafts. Fast curing structural acrylic adhesives are ideal for bonding magnets to rotors or magnets to stators manufactured on a high-speed production line.

High performance adhesives can offer cure speed in seconds, coupled with fast strength development and temperature resistance up to the requirements of Class H. Permabond offers acid-free formulations to minimise risk of corrosion of sensitive electronic components (particularly important for sealed motors). Products are available in a variety of formats including:

  • Heat cure epoxy resins
  • Two-part epoxies
  • Cationic epoxies
  • Two-part acrylics (either pre-mix, no-mix or surface activated)
  • Single part anaerobic adhesives
  • Rapid curing cyanoacrylates (single component)
  • UV cure resins and dual cure UV / anaerobics – ideal for pocket magnet motors

Products can be modified to suit specific requirements (e.g. changes to viscosity, cure speed etc). Permabond is also delighted to help develop new products and technologies directly from scratch to help with new innovations in the electric motor market.