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Anaerobic Adhesives & Sealants:
Threadlockers, Thread Sealants & More

Permabond offers a wide range of anaerobic adhesives and sealants, from threadlockers & FIP gasket materials, to pipe thread sealants and retaining compounds.

In order to cure, anaerobic sealants require the presence of metal and a lack of oxygen. This necessitates a very tight bond, such as those found between a nut and a bolt on a threaded piece of metal, such as a screw. In the presence of active metal ions and no oxygen, anaerobic adhesives and sealants cure quickly into a resilient cross-linked bond.

The 4 basic types of anaerobic sealant adhesives are as follows:

  • Retaining compounds, which bond and seal cylindrical joints
  • Threadlockers – these bond and seal threaded metal fasteners
  • Thread sealants, which bond and seal threaded pipes and fittings
  • FIP (form in place) gasketing materials. These create a gasket directly upon application to a metal part.

We offer an array of products within each of these categories, with varying strengths, temperature resistance, set speed, viscosity and gap fill.

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Retaining compounds

Permabond manufactures adhesive and sealant products designed to replace or complement mechanical joining methods for cylindrical mechanical joints. These include keyways, shrink fits and interference fits, among others.

Our anaerobic retaining compounds are designed to fill voids, and provide 100% surface to surface contact. This is in contrast to mechanical joining methods, which provide only 20% surface to surface contact. This increased contact area is a direct result of the far greater load-carrying capacity of these adhesives. The increase in strength that this provides gives engineers the freedom to relax machine tolerances, at the same time eliminating the need for heated joining processes and providing them with a method that increases component life.


Permabond’s threadlockers prevent loosening caused by vibration or thermal expansion, in addition to providing corrosion-resistant seals. Threadlockers outperform, and are more cost-effective, than alternative locking means such as lock washers, locking threads and studs.

We offer a full assortment of anaerobic adhesive threadlockers, with a wide range of viscosities to suit. These span from low-wicking grades for both post-assembly and weld porosity sealing, to high viscosity for sealing larger nuts and bolts. Permabond threadlockers are available in both permanent and removable grades, as well as high temperature-resistant grades. A very large number of industries use threadlockers and we have a variety of approvals and specifications, including military specified grades as well as NSF/ANSI 61-certified products for drinking water.

Pipe Sealants – Thread Sealants

Permabond’s pipe sealing (thread sealing) adhesive sealants serve applications in many industries, including sprinklers, pipework systems for fire protection, HVAC, as well as plumbing. These PTFE-based formulations allow for easy assembly and provide an instant, 1000 psi seal. Their final cure strength is generally greater than that of most metal pipe material.

Pipe sealants, as with other anaerobics, cure on metal threads when confined from oxygen. This then forms a seal that is inert to water, steam, hydrocarbons, solvents, most acids, as well as glycol-based products. Our range of threaded pipe sealants covers a full range of viscosities and includes products with NSF/ANSI 61 certification as well as hydraulics grades.

Form-in-Place Gasket Materials

Permabond offers a range of FIP gasketing adhesives that incorporate high-viscosity sealants. These sealants serve to enhance the distribution of stress and load across flanges, effectively improving the overall performance. These adhesives set quickly, ensuring a rapid establishment of a corrosion-resistant seal that eliminates the necessity of re-tightening flange bolts. Additionally, these adhesives offer the advantage of being adaptable to create gaskets in various shapes, negating the requirement to stock a multitude of pre-cut gasket sizes.

For metal-to-metal applications, Permabond’s anaerobic sealant gasket materials are available. These materials are suitable for use in scenarios where metal bonding is essential. The product line includes options with high strength and resistance to elevated temperatures. Furthermore, the FIP gaskets within this range are exceptionally pliable, designed specifically for easy removal from soft metals like brass and aluminum.