Permabond India & Middle East

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Permabond Adhesives in
India & the Middle East

We supply industrial adhesives for a range of substrates and provide application support, carefully considering the needs of different industries.

About Permabond

Permabond’s history of developing and manufacturing engineering adhesives spans four decades and three continents. Today, Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd (Europe & Asia) and Permabond LLC (Americas) provide technological solutions to engineers all over the world, with offices and facilities in America, Asia and Europe, backed by a high-tech ISO 9001:2015 certified production plant in Italy and a brand new manufacturing and research and development site in Winnall, Hampshire, UK.

Lian Technologies

Distributor - India & Middle East

Mandovi Engineering Corporation

Distributor – India


Permabond’s range of adhesives includes: Anaerobic threadlockers, pipesealants, retainers and gasket makers, Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives, Structural acrylic adhesives, Epoxies – two-part and one-part heat cure adhesives, Polyurethanes, MS-Polymer based adhesives and UV-Cure adhesives.

Adhesive Product Range

Anaerobics, Fast cure or Cyanoacrylates, Structural Acrylics, 2 part Epoxies, single part Epoxies, UV Curable, MS Polymers and Polyurethane.

Industries Served

Aerospace, Automotive, Composites, Electric Motors, Electronics, Filters, E Mobility Batteries, Food & Drinks, Heat Exchanger, Medical Devices, Pumps & Valves, Transport, Wind Energy , Glass & Allied Engineering Industries.

Adhesive Technologies

We can support in Developing a product for specific application as per customers demand.

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