Permabond India & Middle East

3D Print Infiltrants

Low odour cyanoacrylate infiltrants for strengthening granular printed 3D models.

Permabond 3D Print Infiltrants are low odor alkoxyethyl cyanoacrylates designed to seal, strengthen, and brighten 3D printed models produced via granular 3D printing methods. Several grades of these low odor cyanoacrylates are available to suit individual needs. All of them can be applied either as an “on the spot” coating or in a dip bath. All are single component, moisture cure, low odor, solvent-free, clear, colorless, and cure to a tack-free finish. They are suitable for white and colored parts.

Permabond 3D30 has an ultra-fast cure and provides a

high gloss crystal clear surface with brilliant color vibrancy. 

Permabond 3D10 has a fast set and provides a shiny surface with brilliant color vibrancy. The low viscosity provides good penetration for higher strength. 

Permabond 3D90 is ultra low viscosity and has a delayed set for maximum penetration for highest strength. It is ideal for light colors. 

The technical data sheet provides more information.